The Coding Career Handbook: Guides, Principles, Strategies and Tactics from Code Newbie to Senior Developer

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Congrats, you've passed your first interview.

Now what?

Embarking on a new Dev Career is a scary proposition. There are thousands of tutorials helping you learn to code and get that first job. But nothing on how to take that technical skill and make a great career out of it!

This stuff matters. When you're learning to code, you have to decide what to learn, how to learn it, and eventually marketing yourself as a developer convincingly enough to land that first job. And that's just the beginning! Then you still have to learn on the job, build strong working relationships with your colleagues, hopefully network outside your company, and eventually build the expertise and reputation to sell yourself as a Senior Developer. 😱

Your ability to manage your career has direct financial results. Even for early career devs, it is common for top quintile developers to make >2x more than the average dev. This disparity increases from there - That's tens of thousands of dollars per year, and millions over a career. Not pocket change.

Money isn't everything. Maybe you want to have an impact in Open Source. Maybe you want to have influence at work. Maybe you just want an easier time finding work - not just spammy recruiter emails, but real employers and real clients reaching out to you instead of vice versa. It's all the same skillset.

And nobody talks about it!!!

Deconstructing career success is a passion of mine. Throughout my own career change journey, I have been looking for common traits among top performers and trying to reverse engineer their formulas for success.

I've applied them to my own career with great results. I went from deciding to learn web development in 2017, starting my first dev job in 2018, to getting hired as a senior dev at AWS in 2020! 🎉

Although my situation will be different from yours, I think there are some Good Ideas that are simply universal. I think it's time we wrote them down. I think it's time our industry had a real conversation about how to build an exceptional Dev Career. I'd like to tell you all I know.

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The Coding Career Handbook: Guides, Principles, Strategies and Tactics from Code Newbie to Senior Developer

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